Sunday, January 4, 2015

I want to emphasize the necessity for a sound mathematical basis for any fundamental physical theory. Any philosophical ideas that one may have play only a subordinate role. Unless such ideas have a mathematical basis they will be ineffective. — Paul Dirac
Why Paul Dirac, along with Hermann Weyl, is one of my heroes.
"I think of Newton’s and Einstein’s work as similar to the works of Bach or Mozart: the product of genius, building upon earlier work to be sure, but largely done in isolation by a single mind.  Quantum mechanics is more like a grand work of improvisational jazz where individuals make innovative riffs upon a theme and then others pursue it to discover that its consequences are far more profound.” John Walker
I just watched Lecture 1. Dirac’s final remarks are very pertinent to my own approach that retrocausality restores Einstein’s determinism, but at a price that violates normal ideas of cause and effect. In other words, God does not play dice with the universe because there are both past and future influences on actual events in the present. Yakir Aharonov has developed this idea in detail in his two vector weak measurement model.

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