Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I suppose this may be considered a rear-guard action leaving no stone unturned in the general belief in no-entanglement signaling in the sense of papers of Adrian Kent even though papers by Antony Valentini suggest otherwise. Of course, orthodox micro-quantum theory does not allow stand-alone entanglement signals no one denies that. The issue is whether orthodox quantum theory is the final complete theory of reality. Einstein did not think so. General quantum theory would be to orthodox quantum theory the way general relativity is to special relativity. Experiments by Libet, Radin, Bierman, Bem and others seem to provide evidence for entanglement signaling in mental activity. Roger Penrose discusses early experiments by Libet in his books. The discovery of dark energy accelerating the universe’s expansion is evidence for retro-causality when combined with the t’Hooft-Susskind hologram conjecture. Yakir Aharonov’s post-selected destiny state vector weak measurement quantum theory though not having stand-alone entanglement signaling is easily extended to include it. John Cramer has proposed an experiment to test for Wheeler-Feynman “transactional" back from the future influences. Henry Stapp. Jorge Berger has shown how Glauber macro-quantum coherent state Landau-Ginzburg emergent Higgs-Goldstone order parameters have nonlinear non-unitary local dynamics violating the linear unitarity of micro-quantum theory. The Vitiello-Freeman brain dynamics is an example of what Berger is talking about. Indeed, P.W. Anderson’s emergent “More is different” must be taken more seriously. Einstein’s gravity as curvature itself in the tetrad/spin-connection Cartan formalism seems to be a spontaneous broken emergent c-number Higgs-Goldstone post-inflation “vacuum superconductor” field with residual local de-Sitter conformal gauge group symmetry.

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